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I3 Linear

Linear motor makes cutting more precise

Large format for sheet cutting of 20500mm*3200mm at most, achieve overall machining of long workpieces, meet more cutting demands.

The equipment adopts ultra-high precision linear motor module, compact structure and low power loss. Without mechanical contact, friction force is smaller. Smooth movement, high position accuracy and repositioning accuracy, higher speed and acceleration. Fast reaction speed, high sensitivity, excellent follow-up performance, safe and reliable, long service life, low motion noise. High efficiency and cutting quality, suitable for ultra precision cutting.

Marble countertop is more professional

Adopting marble countertop, high precision, low linear expansion coefficient; no rust, easy to maintenance; acid and alkali resistance; high hardness, wear resistant, antimagnetic; ensuring the stability of accuracy during high-speed operation, improving processing performance.

Black full protection, 360° protection

360° full enclosed design and isolated work area completely isolate smoke and laser radiation. Safer, and minimized pollution.

Air jig makes position more accurate

Cutting parts use air jig to fix cutting materials and improve position accuracy. The blade distribution is automatically adjusted according to both sides of splints to prevent material leaking. Suitable for thin plate, the thinnest plate it can hold is 0.3mm plate, improving the machining precision.

Electric vertical lifting door

The electric vertical lifting door greatly reduces floor area and improve space utilization efficiently. One-button automatic door opening reduces manual operation and it’s better to ensure the safety.

Small processing area, flexible and space saving

Processing area is 600x600mm, saving more space and resources, the equipment can be moved flexibly.

Strong stability, high precision, 20 years without deformation

Adopted carbon structural steel with good toughness, ductility, welding performance and thermal processing;


Stress annealing and vibration aging treatment eliminate the stress in welding and processing of machine bed, the machine bed precision is long-lasting. Excellent mesh three-dimensional machine bed structure, strict heat treatment process and sophisticated processing level ensure the high-performance processing characteristics of the equipment;


Strong stability, high precision, accuracy is long-lasting, 20 years without deformation.

Appearance Design

Elegant curves and compact design make the operation easier

New black fully enclosed cover design and powerful exhaust system achieve zero pollution to the environment. The integrated 21.5 inch HD touch screen and machine body improves human-computer interact experience. Bigger Laser protective glasses make sure there is no harm to human eye. The striking bar-type warning system reminds machining status of the machine at any time. The operation is safer and more efficient. Meet the CE, ETL certification standards.


The heavy bed makes the equipment more stable in working, the light crossbeam makes it work faster; perfect industrial design is more in line with man-machine engineering; high quality electrical software control system gives equipment higher cutting precision. The machine owns more comfortable operation, more stable performance, more durable quality, higher cutting efficiency and wider application scope.

Intelligent Travel Protection
Automatically monitor operation range of crossbeam and cutting parts, keeping operation within machining range. Double guarantees of fixed limitation greatly improve equipment and personal safety, minimizing the using risks.

Automatic Lubrication System
Automatic lubrication system provides timing and ration lubricating oil for equipment to ensure its normal and high speed operation, and owns functions of abnormal alarm and liquid level alarm. The system greatly enhances cutting accuracy and effectively extends service life of transmission mechanism.

A new generation of safety following module
Laser head keeping distance with work piece in cutting process can reduce collision risks. It will stop cutting when colliding plate. The safety following module reduces accident rate and improves cutting performance.

Intelligent Alarm System
The system will start full abnormal alarm and push it to the interface through control center when equipment is abnormal. Finding equipment abnormal in advance and reducing hidden dangers can multiply improve the equipment’s troubleshooting efficiency.

Ultrafast Stepless Perforation
Ultrafast stepless perforation, significantly reduces perforation time by 75%. The rate of abandoned hole is reduced to 2‰ from 5%. Stable starting point and following-up, high precision, less slag. Save time and electricity, improve material utilization and reduce damage to device. Check to enter the mode, saving debugging time and no technical threshold to users.

Cutting Samples

It is suitable for cutting carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper and alloy metal materials.

Product Parameters

Model i3Linear
Working Area 600*600mm
Laser Power 3000w/2000w/1500w/1000w
X/Y-axis positioning accuracy 0.01mm
X/Y-axis repositioning accuracy 0.004mm
X/Y-axis Max. linkage speed 80m/min

Appearance Design

The equipment meets the parts processing requirements of most industries, working accuracy is stable. At presen

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