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About Bodor Belgium

Who is Bodor Belgium?

Global brand, local service

Bodor Belgium is a brand new initiative of the Antwerp-based company ACD Laser. We have been an established player in laser cutting and laser engraving on the Flemish market for years, as a supplier for sheet metal processing and laser work.


From customer to distributor

During our search for a laser cutting machine, we faced a major challenge: finding an affordable machine that still meets our quality standards. We eventually ended up with the Chinese company Bodor, which guarantees European quality at a significantly lower price.
Our experience with Bodor was such a success for both parties that we decided to go into partnership. We are now the exclusive distributor for the Belgian market.

About Bodor

Bodor is a publicly traded company offering fiber laser cutting machines in over 150 countries worldwide. The production is located in China and has a production capacity of more than 30,000 square meters. All products meet European and international quality standards (CE, FDA, IS09001, SGS, etc.).
The R&D department, the number one in laser cutting, is located in Switzerland and has 100 researchers. Ten million is invested annually in new projects, which translate into more efficient cutting methods and more precise cutting results.
Bodor takes a leading role in the laser industry and aims to bring change to everyday life with its laser technology. That is why it is present at more than 60 international trade fairs every year to present its latest achievements in scientific research.

Our added value 

As a small company you can easily reach us and as a customer you will be offered a quick solution. We have a solid technical know-how thanks to our many years of experience in laser technology. Moreover, we can offer you a solid service. We have many spare parts in stock and can also switch quickly for maintenance purposes. 

The Bodor machines themselves also have their advantages. They are Asian machines, which in terms of pricing are much more favorable than their European counterparts, while the quality is comparable to the machines of European manufacturers. This makes it easier for you as a company to invest and not in need of outsourcing work.

Global brand, European quality, local service

Strong and professional R&D-team

The R&D center has 100 researchers and is the number one in the field of laser cutting. Ten million euros are invested in R&D projects every year. The new research achievements provide more efficient cutting methods and a more perfect cutting result.


Consultation for sales


European service

Fast response

Get to know Bodor Belgium

Bodor Laser aims to be the pioneer of the global laser industry! BODOR laser participates in more than 60 international trade shows each year to present the latest achievements in scientific research. We can meet there, or even better, call us to discuss your needs during a personal meeting!


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